Serving those who served.

Staffing Priorities is committed to hiring veterans and bringing military efficiency to civilian job search. We connect former service members with employers who value their skills, attitude and experience. Our team includes veterans and professionals with the highest respect for veterans and our armed forces, and we are committed to hiring veterans and bringing military efficiency to civilian job searches. We focus on matching the right talent with the right opportunities so everyone wins.

What do military veterans bring to the table?

Your military occupational specialty may be very specific. You may be an accountant, engineer, weapons specialist, chemical/biological/nuclear specialist, pilot, or logistics manager. But you have also gained many skill sets complimentary to leadership and management roles within varied military-friendly companies. At Staffing Priorities, we appreciate and respect your sacrifices and stand ready to help you in your re-entry to the civilian workforce. Whether you are furthering your education with your GI Bill benefits or looking for opportunities to use your service-earned skills in a new career, Staffing Priorities can connect you with jobs that offer both flexibility and opportunity.

  • Connect with veteran-friendly employers.
  • Choose jobs that work with your schedule.
  • Advance your career in full-time roles.
  • Investigate different jobs before settling on the right one.

Why would a service member want to work with Staffing Priorities?

At Staffing Priorities, we devote ourselves to helping veterans get the training and support they need to transition seamlessly back into civilian life.

  • Work with dedicated military recruiters who make it simpler to transition to civilian work.
  • Receive assistance from specialized staff members who translate your skills into the qualifications that employers want.
  • Connect with military-friendly employers who understand how your skills translate to the civilian marketplace.
  • Get training and support to smooth your transition to civilian work.

You’ve served our country. Now let us serve you.

Why hire a veteran?

As well as their specific job training, service members bring management training and leadership skills. Vets are valued on the job for traits like these:

  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Strong work ethic
  • Self-discipline and organizational skills
  • Ability to adapt quickly and troubleshoot on the fly

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We are proud to have served and help staff some of the largest veteran-friendly employers.