Finding the best talent is our top priority.

The right staff can be the difference between an effective, well-run business and one that is constantly scrambling to keep up. Staffing Priorities focuses on your priorities – preventing skills shortages, acquiring high-quality talent and keeping costs down. We provide a wide range of services that allow you to quickly adapt no matter what challenges you encounter.

Our consultative process enables you to:

Streamline your hiring process. A higher than average interview-to-hire ratio means you choose from a select few highly qualified candidates before making a hiring decision. You’ll never see a resume that does not meet your highest standard.

Reduce staffing costs. Temporary and Temporary-to-Hire staffing enables you to hire just the people you need. Overhead remains low, risks are reduced. You maintain a core staff and add temporary associates as needed.

Keep projects on track. Temporary employees allow you to adapt to seasonal demands, augment workforce for special projects and fill in for absent employees. With quick access to highly qualified associates, you’ll never miss a project deadline.

Spend less time on administration. Focus on your core tasks, not finding temporary associates. We manage every aspect of the interview and hiring process, complete onboarding processes and provide ongoing support.

Find your way to Staffing Priorities and let us focus on finding talent. Contact us today.

Services Overview:

Temporary. Adapt to unpredictable business demands, access specialized expertise, complete critical projects. Temporary staffing enables you to add capabilities and increase flexibility, not overhead.

Temporary-to-Hire. Reduce your hiring risks by evaluating associates on the job before extending a job offer. Our employee will be available to convert to full time after four to six months.

Direct Hire. Spend less time searching, screening and selecting, and more time on your primary responsibilities. You choose from only the most highly qualified prospects.